About Gary

Gary started teaching in the 1980s at Chaffey College, Alta Loma, California. In his two years teaching there, he solidified his syllabus and it lead to his work on static/dynamic compositions. After a request in 1983 to teach a class at Otis College of Art & Design (then Otis-Parsons, Los Angeles), he continued for the next 12 years. In the mid 1990s brought him to Germany, where he still lives.

During his youth, his interests were in the harmony and function of elements, and structure and form. This led to his fascination in art. Not fascinated with other academic studies, they emposed no challenges. During his education in art he found art more challenging and rewarding. After winning several awards in art, this strengthened his curiosity of art’s many changing faces. He underwent many different styles. This emposed another challenge, what was next to come. While in high school he received a scholarship to Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles (now California Institute of the Arts — CalArts). He spent the next seven years studying under such notable teachers as Ed Reep, Donald Graham, William Moore, Richards Rubin, Emerson Woolfer, Robert Chuey, and Robert Irwin.

In the tranquility of his senior years, Gary is involved with the action-reaction challenges in his art. He now plays with the interactive qualities of static to active elements in his compositions. 

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